Year 2015 in Review

The year 2015 was quite eventful. I made the decision to work as a full-time freelance designer and embarked in a challenging and exciting journey. I was able to connect with some amazing clients and pushed myself as an artist, architect and aspiring urban planner. 


I started the year with the completion of a large painting commissioned by the Swiss Embassy of Haiti: 

Mornes et Montagnes- Nathalie Jolivert.jpg

This mural had for objective to show the cultural exchange between Haiti and Switzerland. More information here. 

The second edition of the Architectural Association Visiting School in Haïti took place in Port-au-Prince and I offered my services as an assisting tutor. The theme of this session "Urbanbou" was to explore how to use bamboo as a construction material in an urban context. We focused on providing design solutions for Downtown Port-au-Prince, which was highly affected during the earthquake of 2010. For pictures of the workshop and more information on this amazing project please go to the AA Visiting School Haiti website. This AA Visiting School Haiti will take place again in 2016 in Marmelade, in the North Department of Haiti. 


I collaborated with two Haitian architects on the submission for an international competition based in China. Our project BLOSSOM STREET was a hommage to the blossom tree of China and highlighted the use of bamboo as main structural material. 

MARCH 2015

Haiti NOW, a dense almanac on Haiti, produced by UCLA's NOW Institute and organized by the architecture firm MORPHOSIS, was published with an essay I wrote on the urban fabric of Port-au-Prince. 

APRIL 2015

I worked on editorial illustrations for the Haitian blog Ayibopost. 

MAY 2015

An illustration I produced for the Haitian flag day went viral on social networks when it was published on ManmanPemba's instagram. 

JUNE 2015

Found an interest for textiles work again, making use of fabric I had bought in Malawi during a trip in 2014. 

JULY 2015

My designs for the temporary tattoo business Ayitattoo launched while I was in New York and became a summer hit for Haitians who were happy to flash national pride on their skin. 

While in New York, I also offered my services to the Haitian organization le Centre de Leadership et d'Excellence CLE for a campaign on youth entrepreneurship. I produced three comic strips visualizing the challenges that young people face when they try to start a business. 


I traveled to Colombia with my colleagues Nancy Leconte and Elrica Métayer to participate in a workshop on architecture with the use of Guadua bamboo. We built a small pavilion in the beautiful Valley of Cocora, visited many sites that are relevant to the bamboo industry and attended lectures from various professionals in the field. 


Back in New York City, I had an incredible time sharing my artwork during a group show with fellow artists of Haitian descents. connected with many other artists and also pushed myself in a production of drawings depicting the urban life of New York and Port-au-Prince. 


My return to Port-au-Prince during the election period was a little rough but made use of the month to reconnect with art galleries, architects and designers of Port-au-Prince. 


The year ended with a string of shows. The month of December started with my participation in a group show in Port-au-Prince at Festival Arts, where I shared my black and white pen drawings. Then I traveled to Connecticut where I showed a book of those drawings during the Odds and Ends Art Book Fair. Finally, was really happy to take part in PANORAMA, a pop-up exhibition organized by Aetypik Mag.