Cornell University: Correspondence between New York City and Port-au-Prince [Lecture]

Dialogue and Publication Launch 

Dear Friends, 
Hope you can join me, and fellow artists/scholars Rejin Leys, Jerry Philogene and Andy Robert for an artist talk and publication launch. 
Date: Friday, November 4, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Cornell University AAP NYC, 26 Broadway, 20th floor
More information below and via this link. 

Dialogue and Publication Launch: Correspondence between NYC and P-au-P. 

Nathalie Jolivert, Rejin Leys, Jerry Philogene, and Andy Robert present their individual practices as a point of departure for a conversation on art related to the spaces of New York City and Port-au-Prince. Considering the artist studio as a space of production and at times also of living, most artists submerged in the city gather and repurpose material from the spaces around them, both physical found objects and mental observations. Through their work, artists participate in the transformation of the urban fabric. The relationship between an artwork and the context in which it is produced is not a monolog, but a conversation wherein the two engage with each other in dialogue that subsequently changes both.

The conversation will address subjects related to the mapping of non-Euclidean spaces — whether it be a celestial or subaltern space, informal economies, or psychogeographies — investigating their effects on the produced artworks and contemplating the relationship to the spaces of production. When these non-Euclidean works are brought into proximity of architecture, how will they alter the space?

The conversation will be moderated by Visiting Lecturer Alva Mooses, followed by the launch of the limited edition publication Correspondence between NYC & P-au-P, which Mooses developed over the past year as a means of connecting artworks and writing from the two metropoles.