Acrylic on Canvas ; 6'x 12' ; 2015 

Winning proposal for a mural at the Swiss Embassy in Haïti 

In this painting, the goal was to celebrate different aspects of the Haitian and Swiss culture. “Mornes et Montagnes” written in the similar fonts found on the tap-taps [public buses of Haiti] refers to the mountains of both Haiti and Switzerland. In Haiti, mountains are often referred to as “Mòn” which in creole is derived from the french word “Mornes”. Switzerland mostly gets involved in agricultural projects in Haiti and thus, on the left, a mango tree seems to bear fruit as the sun shines light on Haiti behind the Swiss Alps. The Eidelweiss flower also grows on the Haitian side and on the Swiss Alps the symbols of the Vaudou god of crossroads “Papa Legba” are drawn on the ground. The sunrays circle is continued with the long horns of the Swiss Alps folkloric musical tradition. Finally, the Hispaniolan Trogon, endangered national bird of Haiti is also illustrated in the mango tree.